Chemical/Biological Engineering is a career path that works! In particular, chemical engineers design plant equipment and devise processes for manufacturing chemicals and products by applying principles and technology of chemistry, physics, and engineering.

The specific responsibilities of chemical engineers, though they may vary among industries and even within the same company, can be categorized in general terms for most industries. Some typical job descriptions are listed below.

  • Process Design Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Plant Process Engineer
  • Process Safety Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Research & Development Engineer
  • Attorney
  • Biomedical Engineer 
  • Technical Manager 
  • Professor
  • Quality Control Engineer 
  • Technical Services Engineer


Biological engineering is an interdisciplinary application of engineering principles to analyze biological systems and to solve problems in plant, animal or microbial systems. In the biotech age, chemical engineering is critical to expanding the benefits of biotech research. 

  • Biomedical Engineer 
  • Engineer – Cell Culture 
  • Computational Biology Programmer 
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