Dr. Yuanwei Jin – Aerospace

“There are quite a few career tracks for an aerospace/aviation engineer.  As an aerospace engineer you will basically design different parts of the aircraft.  In aviation, you will operate the aircraft and can become a professional pilot or operating drones.” Dr. Yuanwei Jin is a professor of engineering and Chair of the Department of Engineering … Read more

David Ramirez – Systems

“Engineering is a fun, challenging, and rewarding career; but you must go to college or university and work harder than other people. If you don’t know how to get to college, or you don’t know how to work hard, join the military. The military will shape you into a better you and pay for college. … Read more

Tarice Martin – Systems

“The sky is vast but your mind is untapped. And the vastness that you can invest in – you invest in yourself. Once more, for yourself – reach higher. And remember, someone else isn’t the only one that can do great things, YOU CAN TOO!  Believe in yourself and don’t accept failure as an option.” … Read more

John T. Riley – Cybersecurity

“Sharpen your ability to read. Strive to learn how and why things work. Learn to listen and ask a lot of questions. Overall, learn how to communicate with those you work with; working as a team is a big part of Cyber Security.” John T. Riley is a Cybersecurity Architect/Engineer with over twenty years of … Read more

Dwindle Patrick – Cybersecurity

Dwindle Patrick

Dwindle Patrick is currently a Foreign Service Security Engineering Officer (SEO) in the Emerging Technology division. He is the Chief of the newly established Evaluation Technologies & Consulting Branch where he oversees hardware evaluations and assessments. Dwindle served previously as the Chief in the Information Assurance Branch; the Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of the Engineering Services Office … Read more

Dr. Kristy Crews – Chemical/Biological

“When becoming a chemist or scientist in general, you have a lot of flexibility as far as the areas that you can enter because chemistry is everywhere.  Even when you’re in the kitchen cooking there’s chemistry present. I like the versatility as far as jobs and collaboration.” Dr. Crews continues her passion for chemistry through … Read more

Paul Rinaldi – Aerospace

Paul Rinaldi

“STEM camps are so important and aviation groups because it becomes natural when you think about principles of flight or the mathematics behind separating two airplanes five or three miles apart and the speed they are going.  STEM and education are so important. The future is so bright in aviation with commercial space really becoming … Read more