Virtual Black Inventors Video Competition – 2021

Black Inventors Video Competition

February 20, 2021 || 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Black History Video Competition on Black Inventors. Participants: 2 Students on a team (5th -12 grades) Competition: Students will showcase their skill to produce a 2-minute video on a “Black Inventor of Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow.” Videos are due by February 5, 2021. Prizes: 1st Place … Read more

Ship Building Competition – 2021

Patriots Technology Training Center Virtual Ship Building

January 30, 2021 || 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Promote the careers of game development and naval engineering in STEM. Our Industry Partner will be the Guest Speaker. Participants: Individual/ 5th to 12th Grade Students Competition: Students will design a certain type of ship which fits a certain purpose. Players will have to pay attention … Read more

Reading Competiton – Jan. 16th, 2021

Compete In a Virtual Reading Competition Meet Sandra Evers-Manly, author of “Raised Up by Mrs. Manly & L’s” Participants: 5th to 12th Grade Students Competition: Students, organizations, Girls Scouts, sororities, schools, and student/parent teams will have the opportunity to compete in a Reading Competition to Win a Cash Gift Card. 1st Place $700 for the … Read more